Tuesday, July 20, 2010


howdy! looks like a fellow CELL-goer has created a blog that is ten times more polished, articulate and informative than mine, thankfully. if you wanna learn more about the CELL experience/motive, read nate's blog here!: The Eco-Villager



Tuesday, July 6, 2010


left: this is a photograph of Alftavatn (otherwise known as swan lake). i'll give you a minute to take all that in...

so here is why it starts now: i'm sitting in my bed, 10 pm on a summer night, streaming through countless photographs and articles about iceland and listening to sigur rós's "staralfur" - typical, but not quite. it was around four years ago when i was exhibiting similar habits, typing iceland into google and yearning to visit the lush, dreamlike country. three years later i'm typing up my centenary application essay on said topic. now i'm here, relaxing at home for the short period of time that i have left here in louisiana, glancing at the pile of sweaters and raingear in my corner, and ticking down the days til i'm in my new home away from home.

that's 60 days, to be precise.

85 days. 10 kids. solid simplicity and new air that i'm craving, far far away from shreveport, LA... just like honey. if all my travel documents, credit transfers, and other assignments/inquiries were secured i think i'd be ready to hop that flight tomorrow.

it feels as if i blinked, and january magically became july. the overwhelming feeling of adventure and excitement courses through my veins a little louder now! and how swell of a thing that is to feel!

welcome to the blog, where i'll be updating as often as possible come sept 2. until then, check out these websites:

the center for ecological living and learning hosts the 3 month iceland program i'll be participating in. i'll be living in an ecovillage with around 100 citizens (about half with disabilities) that supports living sustainably by using different work methods to fulfill their dream of the "development of man and nature." all the while, we'll be taking classes so i can get those 15 credits for centenary and doing all kinds of neat things - just click the link.

sólheimar (in english)

until next time...

Nú duga engin vettlingatök.
“No more mitten-takes.” —
used for: Do it right this time.