Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tentative schedule

wednesday aug 31: pack, skit night rush party, say goodbye to the chapter, hangout with the family, say goodbyes.

thursday sep 1: shreveport to memphis at 640 am, memphis to boston by 1 oclock, checkin to hotel, dinner, tattoo from 7-830, explore?, crash.

friday sep 2: checkout of hotel at noon, sit on my butt at the airport and wait on folks, ship out to iceland at 9pm!!!

things i am going to miss:
my family, my friends, the chapter
bali and toby and maybe socks a little
my bed/shower
counter culture
riding my bike
my drumset
waking up and making coffee and playing the piano
mexican food
driving my car
listening to records
my home
being able to google my curiosities on my phone
the poolhouse
atkins ave
louisiana weather in the fall
spooky food night..... can't believe this isn't happening this year
the red river revel
the farmers market
the parks
being able to roadtrip whenever i want

among other things.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

home stretch

i am officially two weeks out from departing america!

things to get done before i jet:
-figure out the packing situation. i have a feeling 1 large suitcase, 1 medium, 1 ginormous pack, a carry-on, and my sleeping bag won't cut the travel limitations.
-purchase some stamps and medicine
-print/frame photos
-polish the rest of grandma's silver for some extra dough
-tidy up my place

after rush workshop this weekend is my going away party, can't believe i've already said goodbye to at least three or four of my good friends.. pretty surreal. i'm actually really dreading telling my family goodbye. they have been so supportive of everything i've wanted to do in my life but this has gotta be the biggest. going to miss goofin off with my daddy and hanging out with mom and meg.

the week after next is rush. i'm happy i get to spend time with the whole chapter before i go. i fly out the morning of sep 2 to boston, mass and hang out there all day and night. got a room at the hyatt harborside, vanessa's stayed there before and says good things. couldn't be more excited to explore boston and jamaica plain. vk and jay are trying to ride down from CT to meet me there. then the whole next day in boston and flying out to iceland at night. giddy!


PS: did i mention i'm getting a tattoo? tehe.