Saturday, September 4, 2010


only took five years... but i have arrvied in ICELAND!!!

i am currently running on about 20 minutes of sleep over the course of 28 hours. eric and i sat in the terminal at the airport since 11am and we boarded the flight at 930pm. by that time i was exhausted so i took some medicine to help me sleep on the flight (5hrs) and i couldn't get comfortable so i basically time traveled and am wasting away. the fact that i am so delirious right now is really overshadowing the fact that i am in ICELAND. we took an hour bus ride to solheimar and the whole ride was just breathtaking. purpley green mountains with black volcanic rock crumbling down the sides, plenty of beautiful icelandic horses and sheep, oh and my favorite "bonus" which is apparently really cheap food. i had some of their cereal for breakfast this morning and it was delightful.

when we arrived at Solheimar, we entered the Brekkukot house, which is the student housing. it is a gorgeous building with a two long hallways with dorms branching off, a relaxing den area, a beautiful kitchen with a long table to feed the whole mess of us, and a patio that looks like is getting some renovation. overall, it feels like home, and for that i am thankful (this could just be the sleep talking though. bed right now = heaven). breakfast consisted of fresh apple/orange juice, a variety of teas and coffee, white/wheat bread with cheese and mushroom spread, oat and raisin cereal, fresh bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, the works... it was lovely. after breakfast we assigned rooms and i am now living in dorm 10 (a double) with miss maddy jacknin who has kept me laughing since she arrived yesterday afternoon. i am delighted to share a dorm with her.

the tour of Solheimar was quick but exciting. i am really antsy to jump in the 85 degree swimming pool and use the gym here. but what i am happily anticipating the most is our classroom - it looks so fresh and polished. the walls are adorned with framed wool and pictures of different wildflowers and birds and whathaveyou, i have a feeling i will be spending a lot of time in these buildings just reading and reading until my eyes fall out of my face.

above all, i am so thrilled to get to know everyone who is participating. we have what seems like a very multi-faceted, compassionate, willing and able group of students and instructors here at our new home in Solheimar.

but for now i need to nap before my head explodes.



  1. Outstanding!!!


  2. Love following your adventures, Shel! xxxooo